Sunday, July 21, 2013


Good news! Trader Joe's (sorry for those of you that don't have one close) has MSPI friendly pizza dough and pizza sauce. I am a much bigger fan of making from scratch but I remember with clarity that this will not be an option in a month so I have been playing with "easier" alternatives.

I was going to make pizza cups from MSPI Mama's website. However, I had a toddler with a high fever and my time was needed elsewhere. I am looking forward to making these at some point and freezing them for later.

But... tonight... it was pizza in plain old pizza shape.

Super easy.

MSPI pizza -

Trader Joe's pizza crust (refrigerated in bag)
1 jar of Trader Joe's pizza sauce
1/2 green pepper
Handful of mushrooms
1/8 cup diced onion
Daiya mozzarella "cheese" shreds

* (I did use regular shredded pizza cheese on the boys half. I am working them into this MSPI thing slowly.)

Went from this...
to this.

Apparently when you are two years old pizza, a Wendy's frosty, a little ibuprofen and Chuck the Truck helps. We make pizza occasionally but the other three are certainly not regular guests at our house if we can help it. ;)

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