Thursday, June 23, 2011


I receive an electronic newsletter with super cool ways to keep the earth happy! My mother-in-law pointed me towards it. It is called Earth911. In their recent issue, they have an article about things that are surprisingly recyclable.
For instance, did you know that Crayons are recyclable? The National Crayon Recycle Program has drop-off bins nationwide and a mail-back option! New crayons are made from old, broken, tired crayons. Cool!

How about golf balls? Dixon Golf retail locations will accept used golf balls or you can mail them in for recycling. will buy old golf balls in bulk. There are places to buy recycled golf balls including I'm not so sure I ever throw these away though. Usually they get lost somewhere off the fairway and someone else probably picks them up. I consider that recycling, or at least reusing!

There are quite of few things that could go in the compost pile that I didn't know about. Things like cotton balls and Q-tips, red wine, and human and pet hair. I even learned that there is a San Francisco company that makes human hair into booms that will soak up oil in case of a spill. Who knew!?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My popcorn has hair!

And by hair I really mean silk but I think it looks like blond hair sticking out so that is what I am calling it.