Thursday, July 7, 2011


As E approaches 10 months he is more and more curious about, well, pretty much everything. I had sent a quick email to a very creative friend asking if she knew where I could get (or how to make) prisms or colored sun catchers I could hang in the window. She sent over the coolest little gadget called a RainbowMaker made by Kikkerland.

This little guy is solar powered! You hang it in a window that gets direct sunlight using the suction cup. The solar panel provides the energy for the gears to turn (which E likes to watch) and then the prism twirls and sends little rainbows all over the room! E and I were both fascinated. E crawled around and tried to catch the rainbows on the floor. Pretty fun!
E watching the rainbows dance.

The only down side, the boy dog also tried to catch the light and was way past obsessed. We'll have to take it down when he comes in or he might actually go crazy.