Thursday, September 1, 2016

New Beginnings

We have been in Old Greenwich for almost a week. (Still haven't seen hide nor hair of the moving truck with the rest of our stuff on it.) There are so many great things we have discovered and I am sure we are only scratching the surface.

Things that I love...
- um.... the ocean 5 minutes away - obviously
- the sound of the seagulls
- the church bells ringing every 15 minutes during the day right in the backyard
- the sound of the train going into the city (not loud and wall shaking, just catch it now and then)
- the amount of light and windows in this house, amazing
- the cemetery outside of the window
- the quiet space we are in
- the humidity
- two Farmer's Markets with a wide variety of fresh fruits and veggies

Giant fresh celery

Seen on my run through an adjoining neighborhood
Things that M says he loves
- the beach and the "white things" (Where the waves break. He loves to stand and let them hit him square in the chest. He would prefer not to hold a hand but his mother just can't quite let go just yet. )
- playing in the big boys bedroom


Things that E says he loves
- SCHOOL (said with enthusiasm)
- digging in the sand at the beach
- a park on the other side of the backyard fence

Beach time

Things that J seems to love
- that his dad covered his windows to make his room darker for sleeping
- that mom is home so he can eat "on demand"

J's "chef hat" per E

Things that Kona seems to love
- the quiet suits her as she ages
- all the new smells

Patrick wasn't all that interested in playing my "what do you love about Connecticut" game. He has been a bit grumpy due to dealing with the moving coordinator at Mayflower. Her communication skills have been a smidge questionable.

Lunch at a make shift table
Update: sounds like the second load of our belongings will be here next Tuesday and that the movers will move a few of the large items upstairs for us that didn't get done last time. I would say this is well outside of the 3-12 day window that was guaranteed? 

This is what we will all look like if our clothes don't come soon. Wink.

Other observations
- In Nebraska the parking lot birds were giant blackbirds. In Connecticut, they are big, brave, white-ish, fluffy seagulls.
- You can make chocolate chip cookies with very few kitchen implements. I started making them before I realized that I didn't have a mixer or spatula or parchment paper here yet. Oops. I was also missing a non-essential ingredient. Oh well.
- Window air conditioners and big heat radiators remind me of my days at the Delta Gamma house.
- Gentle leaders for dogs are quite foreign around here.
- Going to Target in Nebraska is much less stressful than going to Target in Stamford, CT. However, because the Target in Stamford is on floors 3 and 4 of the building, on top of the parking garage, they have a conveyor belt/escalator for the carts to ride on. This was pretty entertaining for all of us. And, yes, you do have to pay to park at Target.

Target wore him out!
- People honk at you to go the minute the light changes to green, even if there are people in the cross walk in front of your bumper. Yikes.
- Toll roads/booths freak us out.

I am sure I will come up with a few more things. I am thinking of posting on Thursdays about life in general and on Mondays with a recipe from the week, Vegan of course.

Until next time...

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