Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fun happenings

I am loving being home. Although it can be a little crazy, I feel more relaxed and more calm. I feel like I can really "be there" for the boys. I still do feel a little guilty for not working but down the line I am sure there will be time for that.

The first few weeks of school have gone well, although E is TIRED by the end of the day which makes for some rough evenings. He came home on the first day and told me that the best part of the day was lunch and said, "mom, seriously, I am so good at lunch". Love it. Although, I apparently under packed and he was "soooo hungry".

M and mom at the beach on a cool day.

E and M on the rocks in the side yard of our house.

M spending time with dad on the playground before he had to go back to work for an evening meeting.

My little buddy, M.

Look who is the big brother during the school day.
M and I have been able to spend time together, which we really hadn't done since he was a newborn. He often surprises me with little observations and his language expands daily. M and J and I walk across the street to the pond almost every day to check in on the fish, turtles, ducks, geese, and every now and then a crab or two. Last week, we spotted a three legged turtle. M thought it was pretty interesting that the bigger one with three legs bumped the smaller one off the rock while he was climbing up. There are some really big snapping turtles and we have seen painted turtles and sliders. I am sure there are more than a few varieties that I am unaware of.

Turtle friends.
Brothers watching the turtles
 E starts flag football this week and is looking forward to his first game and practice. His team is the KC Chiefs. What are the odds? Ha. He is also signed up for Cub Scouts. Pretty exciting when you consider the Collins' family history in the scouting world.

We have checked out Whole Foods, walked over and gotten our library cards, gone running at Tod's Point (without Kona - no dogs allowed until Dec 1st), gone to the beach, and found a gym to work out at. We have ventured to Target (a whole separate post of it's own), found a sporting goods store and spent time walking in the neighborhood. We are slowly unpacking boxes and getting settled in. Patrick has misplaced his keys almost daily, which definitely makes it feel like home. Ha!

We have some adventures in mind too. We are hoping to take the boys on the train, probably just a few stops away. We would eventually like to go into New York City but may need to recruit a brave soul to go with us. I'm looking forward to finding a yoga class/studio that I love and am hoping to get to Trader Joe's one of these days. For now, we are just finding our new normal, one day at a time. 

The Long Island Sound off of Tod's Point - Morning run

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