Friday, September 9, 2016

A Heartfelt "Thank you"

I honestly have to say I feel so lucky. Moving away from friends and family in Nebraska is hard. I miss my mom and dad everyday. We are all looking forward to our visitors. My aunt and uncle and then mom and dad have a trip planned in October and we are looking forward to Patrick's mom and dad and our great friend Steve to visit in November.

I also have to say that we love it here. People here are so incredibly kind and generous. From helping to stock our home before our arrival, to loaning us items to keep a household with three little kids running smoothly (or as smoothly as it gets), to bringing over meals and flowers and little surprises for the boys, to working through the process to get us beach passes and the necessary paperwork to register E for Kindergarten, we are grateful.

All of the little kindnesses add up and do not go unnoticed. On Sunday, Patrick's first day of preaching at First Congregational Church, Mrs Baker handed us an armful of beautiful flowers that had been part of the bouquet on the alter and told us to put them in our home with blessings from the day. They make me smile every time I walk by.

There was a bowl of pink flowers on the counter when we got here and Pam brought over a very happy sunflower. The generosity is amazing. (It also reminds me that I should keep more flowers in our home!)

There was a bag full of children's books from the Caring Committee (I think) waiting for the boys and they have absolutely loved going through them and reading everything repeatedly.

Betsy stocked up our freezer and fridge with produce and a few Trader Joe's items and also made us a meal on our first night in Old Greenwich. She has taken the boys to the park, taken us to the Greenwich Farmer's Market, given me a tour, answered all of my crazy questions, loaned me dishware, pots and pans, a cutting board and knife, and generally just saved the day over and over.

Pam was also in on the preparations for our home. She has stayed with M and J while we took E over to the introduction for Kindergarten. She walked us to the Old Greenwich Farmer's Market, loaned me kitchen supplies (thank you, thank you) and answered a million questions.

Jan helped Patrick with the beds the day we arrived so that the boys beds would be ready for them that first night. He has helped with some general repairs and offered countless times to assist with all sorts of things around the house.

Craig and Vance have welcomed us to the "neighborhood". They helped with home preparation, have put up with the noise from our yard and the playground while the boys burn off energy, have given great tips on places to go and things to see, and held a welcome party for us in their home.

And there are so many others that have offered to watch the boys, answer questions, show us around, and help us with items that were delayed or lost in the move.

People have asked us to dinner, invited us for happy hour, and introduced us to their friends. We feel so lucky to be welcomed with open arms, open hearts and so much love. Thank you!


  1. Awesome! Makes the transition so much easier!! Praying!

  2. It is very comforting to know you have received such a very warm welcome and are enjoying your new home. See you soon.