Friday, September 23, 2016

The last days of summer

The three boys and I spent Wednesday evening at the beach. The Long Island Sound is more protected than other beaches and it makes it a perfect place for the younger kids to play. Patrick had a meeting and so we left without him. (Poor guy has missed out on all of the beach time since we have been here.) We took a sort of picnic. I cheated and picked up pizza for them and a veggie wrap for me.

We played in the "puddles"/ tide pools and enjoyed the sunset. It was warm. One of the few remaining warm days before fall comes for good this year. There were just a few families on the beach and as the tide went out we had plenty of room to run off the day and play.

E and M digging and wading.

Betsy told us that the evening times at the beach were special. I believed her but I now understand what she meant. The feeling was much different. It was so calm and peaceful, so quiet and lovely. The sunset was unmatched on Wednesday which didn't hurt.

Betsy, E, M, and J checking out the sand.

A lovely mom offered to take all of our picture after my attempts to have E hold J failed miserably.

Good night sea. Good night sand. Good night wind. Good night beach.

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