Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tuesday 8/23 - Davenport IA to Valparaiso, IN

Today was a shorter distance day but we spent about the same amount of time in the car. Traffic in the Chicago area was at a standstill due to an accident ahead of us. Combined with road construction through Illinois, we spent a lot of time creeping along. I kept thinking, "it's 1:45 in the afternoon, why are these people not at work?" And then I'd remember that the gazillions of truck drivers around us were at work. Ha.
M and his waffles.
We started the day off a little rough when the level of the Tetris game got harder. Patrick was trying to repack the van so that Kona (our 10 year old Brittany pup) could ride in her kennel. This proved more difficult and combined with smacking his head on the hatch door of the van twice, resulted in frustration and growling. Jonah spit up all the way down my back and then again on both of us before we left the hotel room but, of course, after the suitcases were already loaded. 

The boys did well today. M managed the typical 3 year old melt down after lunch. I asked what color pumpkin (Collins boys speak for candy) he wanted. He replied pink but when I unwrapped the pink salt water taffy and handed it to him he melted into a complete puddle of hysterical goo because it wasn't white? Ummmm.

We left Davenport about 9:30a and got in to Valparaiso, IN about 3:15p. That was approximately 200 miles with a picnic lunch stop. Those stops aren't speedy. By the time I nurse Jonah and make lunch for the other boys, it's a good 45 minutes to an hour. Patrick is very patient with this, thankfully. 

The boys were so glad to be out of the car and running around in Indiana. We stayed with Patrick's Uncle Jamey and Aunt Mary. His cousin, Abbey, was home as well. She is studying for her OT licensure exam and it was great to see them.
Jonah was very content with Abbey. She was so good with all of the boys.

We swam, played ball, and the boys got to ride in Austin's "monster truck".

E and M getting a ride in Austin's "monster truck"
Mary and Abbey put together an amazing chopped salad with fresh veggies and a basil lime vinaigrette, giant delicious chunks of great watermelon and grilled asparagus, brussels sprouts, and corn on the cob. We stayed outside until the mosquitoes drove us indoors but it was so nice to let the boys run around for a few hours.

M getting dried off. This is a kid who does NOT like wet swim trunks.

M and mom drying off after swimming
Mary and Abbey made the two big boys a bed out of the big couch downstairs.  The boys loved it and slept great. There was a clock that chimed every half hour and after the first chime, E came into the bathroom to find me. He was bleary eyed and said, "what IS that? It is not beautiful music." Ahaha. Patrick put the clock away so that it wouldn't wake them up.

Camping out in the Ford's basement with the GIANT bear.

Mary and Jamey definitely get the most comfortable bed award! I am now sold on a king sized bed with a pillow top. I told Patrick, "I could barely even tell that you were in bed! No offense... love you." It was great, or it might have had something to do with the fact that I wasn't sharing a bed with a flopping 5 year old? Either way, a good night's sleep was had by everyone.

The agenda for tomorrow, Wednesday, is to get to Youngstown, Ohio. It will be the longest day in the car at about 365 miles.  Cross your fingers that everyone stays happy.

J having a bath (actually from Monday night)

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  1. Got to love that Chicago traffic! Glad everything is going as planned. Safe travels.