Friday, August 19, 2016

Thursday 8/18 and Friday 8/19

I'm hoping to chronicle our sojourn east from Nebraska to Conneticut. Here is installment number one. Once we get settled in, it will be back to the posts on lifestyle and vegan cooking and baking.

The house in Lincoln has been closed on.
Mower, 5 bottles of wine, and a washer and dryer included.
Happy housewarming.

Patrick and the three little boys (5, 3, and 7 months), the geriatric dog and I are staying with my parents for a few days before heading out.

We have completely overrun their home with toys and suitcases and snacks and sippy cups and the massive amount of towels that we use.

I brought the boys over to their grandparent's house yesterday while the movers (who arrived almost 5 hours earlier that we were expecting) loaded our possessions onto a huge truck. Patrick had packed and taped and labeled and bubble wrapped and had things mostly ready to go. The dumpster had been loaded and pickup up early that morning.

Thursday morning, E had a melt down. He is so sensitive to the energies that are flying around and he had been telling me for a couple of days that he "just didn't feel very good". He couldn't identify what it was but I can relate. The house was in complete disarray. He starts Kindergarten when we get to Connecticut. Dad is starting a job and mom will be staying home. Everything is changing. Quickly. Although, as grown ups, we have known this was coming, it seems like a shock to his sensitive system. Thursday, late in the morning, he came upstairs to find me and told me he thought his tooth was a little loose. I looked in his mouth and sure enough, the bottom front tooth was loose with the adult tooth pushed through right behind it. He is so proud of that wiggly tooth. Big boy growing up.

M (the middle one) is tired. He is off his game. He doesn't understand what is happening. He has great language but lacks the ability to tells us when he gets tired or frustrated without screeching or whining. His brother is constantly competing with him and it's hard to be 3. He says we are going to "Necticut" but has no idea what that means. He loves his Pops and is spending as much time as he can sitting on his lap at his desk, reading stories, playing games and helping him get the mail. Pops isn't getting much work done but hopefully we can give him some time tomorrow to write up his appraisals.

M and Pops on the computer.

The boys had a contest with Grammy to see who could find the biggest, compost worthy cucumber hiding in the garden. I took them to the pool to splash around and do something fun while dad cleaned out the house as the movers finished up.

Grammy and the boys with the wagon full of "cucumbers the size of dead bodies"

We have had several tough "see ya laters" with more to follow. Saying "goodbye for now" to our current church family and to our amazing friend Steve and his son Alex was so sad. I am dreading driving away from our families but as my mom said, "everyone is healthy and safe. No one is being sent overseas. It is all about perspective." We have promises of visits from our parents, my aunt and uncle, and Steve and are looking forward to those visits. I don't promise to have our house in order by that point. Ha!
Meeting Steve and Alex's puppy, May Be

We also got to see Uncle Chris today on his way through town from Salt Lake City. He has an important fantasy football draft. He let the boys and I test drive his Jeep. I have to say I was pretty proud of myself for not killing the standard transmission. All that driving in the Neon for years apparently paid off. Looking forward to finding something like that when we get to our new home.

After a rough evening with tired boys we are all quiet for now. Tomorrow is a new day.

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