Thursday, August 25, 2016

Day 4 - 8/25 - Youngstown, OH to Mountville, PA

Today we drove through the hilly, winding countryside of Pennsylvania. It was beautiful.
Into Pennsylvania
I gave E and M children's Dramamine and took a dose of Bonine myself as a preventative measure. I don't have a great track record with drives of that sort. Everyone did just fine, although we may need to have the breaks on the van looked at.

We got up and had breakfast at the hotel and loaded up in the car for a 280 mile day.Yet again, more construction, tis the season I suppose. The boys didn't get any screen time today due to the issues yesterday. Lots of snacks, a pit stop for lunch, stickers, and an Etch-A-Sketch seemed to keep everyone entertained. Patrick had been telling E about some tunnels that he remembered driving through as a kid. Patrick's family traveled East to see family periodically and that was something he liked. The moment we crossed into PA (first thing in the morning) E said,  "where are the tunnels?" Ahhh, so literal.

When we got to the Pennsylvania border, I said to the Micah, "welcome to The State of Independence. This is your state." Micah said, "nooooooooo, I don't like that." Of course he didn't. Sigh.

The big news today was, about 10 minutes from our destination, E said, "I just wiggled my tooth out." He said it perfectly matter-of-factually, which if you know E, is a miracle. I crawled to the back of the van to retrieve the tooth and put it in a baggie donated by Aunt Trish upon arrival.

First lost tooth!
We got unloaded and walked to the neighborhood park to play for a few minutes. The boys got hot quickly and we headed back to Trish's house for a drink of water and a little dinner. Dinner was delicious - all of our favorites. She had yogurt, hummus, fruit, and Triscuits for the boys and loads of veggies and wraps for Patrick and I. So good. She had some great trail mix that I hadn't had that included dried pineapple and peanut butter chips. Yum! I have to admit, I rarely meet a trail mix that I don't like.

The boys discovered the game room in the basement and E played pinball game after pinball game while M watched, mesmerized.

Patrick had also bought a small Connect 4 travel game but the boys weren't interested in playing. They did enjoy making patterns with the chips and throwing the pieces all over.

E with Max and Kona.

Pinball at Aunt Trish's. They thought that was soooo cool.

Jonah was a fussy, teething mess most of the evening but he did eat a whole container of bananas at dinner time. This is also a small miracle as he has not been all that interested in anything but milk.

Mmmmm. Bananas.

E and J playing at Trish's house.
E and M and Trish
Just what the big boys needed after a long 4 days in the car.
E had lots of fun running and playing and wrestling.     
Tomorrow it is on to Connecticut. Here is hoping all goes well with the movers and we get settled into our temporary space. 

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