Saturday, July 26, 2014

Father's Day Bike Dinner

Well, clearly I am behind schedule on this post. I know, I know, Father's Day is in June. It is now the end of July. Time just seems to slip away.

One night in June, Emmett wore his new goggles for dinner, gotta love three year olds. Later he asked me if we could wear our bike helmets at the table sometime. Why the heck not?!

So for Father's Day, we had a bike dinner.

We wore bike helmets...


Drank out of bike bottles...


Ate "stop lights" made out of a green grape, a piece of pineapple and a bit of red pepper. (Watermelon would have worked too but I didn't have any.)

And E decorated pizzas with the ingredients to resemble bike wheels with spokes (kind of).
(Cauliflower crust on the right, normal wheat crust on the left, both plant based. Vegan cheese can be used, I typically don't put any cheese on them and just took the cheese off of my pieces. This was a rare occasion as I was using up things in our freezer. )

M wore his helmet for just long enough for a photo and then got to ride in the seat on the back of his dad's bike for the first time! He giggled for the first 2 blocks.

 As it was a bit chaotic due to the excitement, the photos are of poor quality. We did have fun though!

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