Saturday, April 9, 2011

Calculate your water savings

We've been thinking about little ways to make changes for a greener planet and a smaller budget. (That's a win win, don't you think?) One thing my husband and I talked about yesterday was better shower heads. Check out this calculator to see how much water is being wasted during a day of showers at your house. The numbers in the boxes at the bottom are the annual savings of gas, water and money. Crazy, huh? I am not advocating any specific shower head or hardware, that was just the calculator I could find but I think that it is time that we switch ours out, at least upstairs where we both shower. I figure my husbands summer of plumbing should be put to use occasionally, right?

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  1. Right! If you don't have soft water, you can place a bucket in the shower and use the leftover water to water plants!