Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where to begin~

This all came about with one 6 lb 15 oz baby boy named E. I always thought that I would stay home with my kids like my mom did with us. That was before I went to PT school at racked up tens of thousands of dollars in student loans at the Medical Center. I loved my job but I love my family more. After a job change that allowed me to be home with the baby part time (I would love to be able to be home full time but alas, that is not to be right now) I decided it was time to figure out ways to be more economical. My husband and I have always been advocates of recycling, reducing waste and a healthy lifestyle but with this new little person watching every move we make, I decided it was time to be as conscientious as possible. I believe that every little step, every little change, every little effort counts, no matter how small. It all adds up. Nobody is perfect and every family has to do what works for them. This is our journey of little personal efforts and changes as we teach our son that we only have one planet and that family is always more important that money or "things".

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